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Naruto Mizuki

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Bereits zu Beginn der Serie legt er Naruto herein, indem er diesen dazu bringt, Konohas "Schriftrolle mit den sieben Siegeln" zu stehlen, in der. Mizuki Touji ist ein Shinobi aus Konohagakure. Nachdem Naruto durch die Genin-Prüfung gefallen. Der Handlungsstrang Mizuki schlägt zurück gehört zu der Naruto-Serie und findet von Episode Mizuki ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Naruto«und aus dem Manga»Naruto«​. Beschreibung: Mizuki war früher ein guter Freund von Iruka Umino und genau. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Boruto, Kakashi, Anime Naruto, Manga, Otaku, Figuren, Skizzen, Marienkäfer. Mehr dazu. Find this Pin and more​.

Naruto Mizuki

Read Naruto vs Mizuki from the story In Naruto!! by _Cessel_ with reads. kiba, ninken, konoha. Ich wollte mich eigentlich nicht einmischen, aber es ging ni.​. Naruto Bilder, Ikarus, Anime Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sasunaru, Itachi, Hinata. Mehr dazu. Find this Pin and more on Mizuki by Kira. Tags. Naruto Bilder. Mizuki Touji ist ein Shinobi aus Konohagakure. Nachdem Naruto durch die Genin-Prüfung gefallen. Read Mizuki vs Naruto, Iruka und Ich from the story Ich bin die Auserwählte by Nachtschattenkyuubi (Doreen Brezina) with reads. starwars, naruto, inuyasha. Read Naruto vs Mizuki from the story In Naruto!! by _Cessel_ with reads. kiba, ninken, konoha. Ich wollte mich eigentlich nicht einmischen, aber es ging ni.​. Naruto Bilder, Ikarus, Anime Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sasunaru, Itachi, Hinata. Mehr dazu. Find this Pin and more on Mizuki by Kira. Tags. Naruto Bilder. - Mizuki hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Anime Liebe, Anime Bilder, Zeichnen, Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Und Sasuke, Anime Naruto.

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Navigationsmenü Meine Werkzeuge Benutzerkonto erstellen Anmelden. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 3. Entsprechend traurig und enttäuscht ist Iruka über den Verrat des nun inhaftierten Ninjas. Denn kurz nach der Einnahme der Flüssigkeit, verwandelt sich sein Körper zurück in einen Menschen, nur dass er stark gealtert zu sein scheint. Seishitsuhenka :. Episode : Cleverer Schachzug, Iruka!

However, Tsunade managed stabilized his deterioration, and even restored his appearance to his original form, before his time in prison.

However, his "nice" personality was nothing more than a hoax. Actually, he doesn't care for anything or anyone beyond his own rise in power.

He takes pride in the fact that he is not bound by things like morals or teamwork, and is very willing to sacrifice whatever he has to in order to complete his goals.

His desire for power seems to come from what appears to be an inferiority complex, as he can't stand having anyone look down on him.

Although Tsubaki claimed that Mizuki was a sweet man before meeting Orochimaru, even that was a facade as he already showcased his underhanded and ruthless methods since childhood, having a manipulated friendship with Iruka for his own benefits, and later brutally murdering a comrade who suffered a minor injury, justifying his actions by claiming that he is merely eliminating any potential hindrances for the mission's smooth success while actually he killed him out of sadism.

Mizuki's defining characteristics are being greatly ambitious and dishonorable. Mizuki's craving for power and acknowledgement led him to hate Iruka for gaining more attention than him, and pretended to be Iruka's friend in order to live off of that attention, as well as discreetly inflict misery on Iruka.

Because of this, during their second confrontation, Mizuki constantly mocked Iruka while refusing to surrender and repent no matter how many times Iruka tried to convince him to.

In what is perhaps an attempt to make him even more of an antithesis to Naruto, Mizuki's least favorite food is ramen, which happens to be Naruto's favorite.

His avarice and greed even drove him to ignore Tsubaki's love, having no more feelings for her himself, as he took advantage of her lingering affections for him and used her to benefit himself, and then attacking her when she begged him to stop, even physically tossing her aside later on.

Upon discovering that Naruto gained acknowledgement after risking his life to defend the village, Mizuki grew angrier than ever at him, refusing to accept the boy's heroism, and instead accused the villagers of being too excited.

When Mizuki overheard the Third Hokage and the examination committee suspecting his field of conduct as a reason for not promoting him, he felt that they wronged him for accomplishing a mission at all cost, and developed strong grudge against the village for feeling that they neither appreciate nor understand his powers or efforts.

He reached his tipping point of betraying the village when Orochimaru praised his actions and gave him a cursed seal. Mizuki came to the conclusion that only Orochimaru truly acknowledged his potential, and hold the renegade to high regard.

Mizuki believed that if he went to Orochimaru, he would be granted even more power, and attempted to steal the Scroll of Seals as a means to please him.

Mizuki also turned out to be very sadistic and extremely cruel. Even as a child, he found satisfactions by watching Iruka wallow in misery of losing his parents, stating that having someone to look down on feels great.

Upon his second confrontation with Iruka and Naruto, Mizuki declared that he intends to kill them slowly and painfully, as payback for getting him arrested.

The Curry of Life" Transcription: " Hashire!!! Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga continue their fight against Raiga Kurosuki , with Raiga utilizing a local thunderstorm to provide him with a practically infinite source of lightning to use.

Raiga manages to knock all of them out with his electricity, but Sanshou, Tenten , Karashi and Ranmaru give them the Curry of Life, but accidentally intoxicate Lee in the process.

Ranmaru returns to Raiga, telling him the four are dead, and with his viewpoint of the world changed by the Konoha ninja, attempts to lead Raiga off a cliff.

This fails when a drunken Lee attacks Raiga, who angrily dispatches him. Ranmaru attempts to get Raiga to stop the battle, but Raiga attacks him, accusing him of abandoning him.

Naruto returns, though and defeats Raiga by punching him off a ledge, from which Raiga commits suicide by using lightning to incinerate his body.

Ranmaru begins training alongside Karashi as an apprentice at the curry shop, and Naruto's team returns to Konoha.

Each of Konoha's Genin have been assigned to lead a squad of three academy students in a survival exercise. Naruto Uzumaki is teamed up with Konohamaru and his two friends.

The three find out that Naruto's leadership, navigation, and foraging skills leave much to be desired and they end up lost in the mountains during a thunderstorm.

They learn to pull their strengths to survive the mountains long enough for help to arrive. Then they blame Naruto for getting them into the disaster.

Naruto, Hinata and Kiba accept what they believe will be an easy mission to catch a crook.

Upon arriving at the thief's last known location, however, they learn that another bounty hunter is pursuing the thief and that the thief is a skilled ninja.

The bounty hunter is wounded in the battle, and Naruto's group take him to safety, but discover that he, too, is a wanted criminal.

Showdown at the O. The bounty hunter reveals that he was framed for murdering a family and that the thief that he and Naruto's group is hunting is the culprit; he wants to capture him to clear his name.

The four locate the thief in a nearby city, in the process of attempting to steal a valuable bell. After the bounty hunter captures the thief, he is captured himself, and his innocence is revealed.

Despite this, Naruto's group fails the mission because they did not capture the thief. Two outsiders, Mondai and Potcha, come to infiltrate the village and gather its secrets by disguising themselves as Might Guy and Rock Lee , while the real Guy and Lee are out on a mission.

They are oblivious to the fact that their disguises are fooling nobody, except for Naruto. Tsunade , Sakura , and Tenten string them along by giving them outrageous missions, preventing them from learning anything.

The real Lee and Guy return to kick their impostors off into the distance, and discover that Naruto never realized the truth. Naruto, Neji, and Tenten are sent by Tsunade to the Land of Birds to investigate reports of a ghost, Noroimusha, terrorizing the local population.

Later that evening, the Konoha ninja encounter Noroimusha and give chase. After cornering it, however, an examination by Neji's Byakugan makes the group realize that the armor the Noroimusha is wearing is empty.

The episode starts with the group talking at Mousou's house. After that they discuss that Koumei, the village strategist and the son's potential rival for succession, may be behind the Noroimusha.

To prove this, they try to visit the new feudal lord Sagi at a lake where he holds his lost memories of his sister Toki.

The group protects the feudal lord from assassins, and pursues the Noroimusha to its meeting with Koumei, where after it is defeated, it is revealed that it and the previous Noroimusha were two different individuals.

The group finds evidence that indicates that Koumei may have been behind the second Noroimusha's appearance, and Koumei is arrested.

The episode starts with Mousou stating the mission is over. Naruto, however, is skeptical, and investigates where he and his companions fought the Noroimusha.

He finds a secret passage to the feudal lord's mansion, but is caught. When Chishima goes to warn Mousou about Naruto investigating, he accidentally sees Mousou meeting with Watari ninja.

Chishima tries to escape to inform the others about this development, but is pursued and injured by the Watari ninja.

The Noroimusha arrives in Naruto's cell, and he is sentenced to death. The episode starts with Neji, Tenten, and Kakashi staring at a grave.

As they head back they throw off a pursuer with a replacement, but are being shadowed by another. Koumei is about to be forced to commit seppuku , but the Noroimusha saves him.

Shortly afterwards, it is revealed that Naruto disguised himself as the Noroimusha. Kakashi fights Nagare, who uses moves copied from other ninja.

Naruto, Neji and Tenten discover that the true identity of the Noroimusha is the feudal lord himself, who seeks to kill Mousou to avenge his father.

The episode begins with a flashback that reveals that Sagi, not Toki, died, and that Toki took on her brother's identity to avenge his death.

Toki assumes the identity of the Noroimusha, and attempts to attack Mousou, but is subdued by Mousou's imitation ninjutsu.

Mousou's Watari ninjas and Naruto's group join the battle. While his companions fight the Watari ninja, Naruto pursues Mousou and is caught in a genjutsu.

Mousou reveals himself to be Hoki the migrating ninja, who plans to travel and collect as many jutsus as possible. He seemingly kills Chishima and knocks Naruto underwater.

Naruto awakens when Sagi's ghost asks him to save Toki from her desire for revenge and defeat Mousou. Naruto rises from the water and punches Hoki, then tells Toki that he has seen Sagi.

Naruto then fights against and defeats Hoki. Chishima turns out to have survived Hoki's attack. Toki apologizes to her subjects for deceiving them, but asks them to allow her to remain ruler in order to restore the Bird Country.

After the group leaves, Neji tells Naruto that the first Cursed Warrior they encountered was a real ghost, much to his horror.

Burn, Copper Pot, Burn! Mazete nobashite yude agero! Naruto, Chouji and Sakura volunteer to help Teuchi, whose daughter Ayame was kidnapped by a band of cooking ninja.

To save her they must come up with the ultimate ramen recipe. Teuchi tries to teach them how to cook, and the three take advantage of their ninja techniques to make the perfect bowl of ramen.

When they rescue Ayame, she has grown fat due to being unable to resist the cooking ninjas' food. To bring her to her regular self, she eats Teuchi's diet ramen that appears to be designed to make people lose weight from eating it.

The episode ends by showing almost every single female ninja in the show lined up for ramen. However, in the end it shows Teuchi eating the diet ramen and losing too much weight.

Upon arriving, Anko recalls her time with Orochimaru in this area, and her cursed seal begins to resonate and cause her pain.

At the docks, the group sees Yoroi Akado and Misumi Tsurugi accosting a young girl. Naruto chases them away, but does not recognize them.

When the group sets off to one of the islands, Yoroi and Misumi attack, and Naruto nearly drowns until he is saved by the girl he saw earlier.

Naruto awakens in the girl's hut, where she identifies herself as Isaribi. Upon thanking her, Naruto realizes that she is being ostracized by the local residents, and he angrily chases away the children that have arrived to torment her.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru is meeting with Amachi, a scientist conducting experiments under his direction.

Sasuke Uchiha is also present, and ends their conversation when it's directed towards him. The remaining members of Team Anko have arrived at the island, where they are briefed on the payment schedule that they have to defend, and they locate the Demon of the Ocean Kaima in the meantime.

However, Naruto arrives, and identifies the Kaima as Isaribi. The arrival of Yoroi enables Isaribi to escape, and the two escape.

Anko attempts to pursue but is paralyzed by pain from her cursed seal. Anko falls unconscious from the pain caused by the cursed seal. The rest of the team faces Yoroi Akado, who is working for the enemy.

Shino takes up the challenge while Naruto and Ino continue running to catch up with Anko. Anko, Naruto and Ino find themselves facing Amachi and Isaribi.

Amachi and Isaribi run off just while Misumi Tsurugi comes to face them. Ino uses her mind manipulation jutsu to restrain him.

Shino's opponent disappears as the island begins to collapse. Isaribi, Amachi and Yoroi escape on a ship, leaving Team Anko to die in the collapsing building.

Naruto frantically searches for an exit. Anko rescues the team by summoning a giant snake, which takes the team in its mouth and breaks through the wall.

Team Anko quickly pursues the enemy. After encountering Amachi, Naruto is caught in his attack and is able to use the demon fox's chakra to free himself.

The demon fox within Naruto helps him beat Amachi. Although Amachi is quickly defeated and captured, the Sea Boss attacks Naruto. While he intended to steal the scroll from Naruto and to use Naruto as a scapegoat in the meantime, Iruka eventually figured out what he was up to and quickly caught up with Naruto and Mizuki.

Realizing that it would be harder to get the scroll from Naruto if he teamed up with Iruka, he decided that he had to get Naruto to not trust Iruka.

Mizuki then revealed to Naruto the truth about his past and why the village despised him: that he is the container for the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

As Naruto was frozen in shock by this knowledge, Mizuki used this to his advantage by hurling a giant shuriken at the frightened Naruto.

Iruka jumped in at the last second to block the shuriken with his own back, wounding him. Later, because of Iruka's kind, caring words and selfless action, Naruto had the courage to use the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu he had learned from the scroll to defeat Mizuki as punishment for harming Iruka, which inevitably greatened Mizuki's hatred for Naruto.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Title: Orochimaru's Suborniate.

Naruto Mizuki Geburtsdatum :. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Episode : Eine leise Source. So mixt er Flüssigkeit nach Anleitung der Tätowierung auf seinem Arm, die er durch einen Biss von Orochimaru erhielt. Start Your Free Trial. Read article Mizuki Touji ist ein Shinobi aus Konohagakure. Mit Recht! Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Click the following article Tatsache, die wohl im Kontrast link Naruto Uzumaki gesehen werden soll. Er kämpfte wieder gegen Iruka und Naruto, und es sah dieses Mal besser für ihn aus, bis er dann in eine Falle tappte und von Naruto besiegt wurde. Naruto, Online Stream ein Treffen des Hokages belauscht, Twighlight Stream, dass Mizuki Touji aus dem Gefängnis geflohen ist und eine Verbindung zu Orochimaru Naruto Mizuki soll. Handlung Charaktere Jutsu Waffen Kämpfe. Tsubaki Verlobte. Allerdings hielt Iruka Naruto davon ab, ihm die Rolle zu übergeben. Als die beiden Mizuki finden, erschrecken sie sich, da dieser nun sichtlich stärker ist. In einer Fillergeschichte taucht er wieder auf und es Unknown Film geschildert, dass er die Schriftrolle für Orochimaru Elsterglanz Weibersauna lassen wollte. Besiegt wird er durch das Rasengan. Episode : Cleverer Schachzug, Iruka! Episode : Hokage, womit? Episode : Die Fährte führt zum Ziel. Title: Orochimaru's Suborniate. Hometown: Konohagakure Otogakure. After the 52nd episode, it was removed from the schedule rotation to make room for its successor series, Naruto: Shippuden. October I was unconscious and when I awoke, I was laying on the ground Verpasst Rtl Exclusiv Sendung front of the gate. The white-head tempts them further with promises of more tasty food that they can get at his friend's place—specifically Orochimaru. Shikamaru Nara and Kin Tsuchi are chosen for the next match.

Fine, I will, as you said, 'Fuck them up. Naruto didn't even hesitate. He simply walked up to the gate and ripped off the bottom eighth or so of the seal Now, Naruto didn't have control of his body.

He was just watching the show that the Kyuubi was going to put on with Mizuki and Iruka. Instantly, Naruto's nails grew out into claws, his teeth sharpened into fangs, and his hair grew more mangy, feral.

Then the Kyuubi-fied Naruto smirked. The shuriken and kunai were still heading in Naruto's direction, until the Kyuubi let out a wave of chakra, knocking the projectiles off in random directions.

The rage you are about to see is not mine, the Kyuubi's, but my jailer's, Naruto. It is just simply my power.

Then all Hell broke loose. The Kyuubi dashed forward, now face to face with Iruka, smirking right at the back-stabbing bastard.

Then, Iruka looked down, finally noticing the Kyuubi's hand sticking inside of his chest. How's it feel to have your lungs squeezed?

Predictably, Iruka coughed blood up all over the Kyuubi-fied Naruto's face, only increasing his blood lust. The Kyuubi heard a small instruction from Naruto, "Kill the sons of bitches slowly and painfully.

The Kyuubi was more than happy to comply. He contemplated it for a moment, what would the most painful way to kill them be?

Then he found it. What the Kyuubi did was to form two bubbles of his chakra, each human sized, and encase Iruka with one of them.

Iruka's skin started bubbling and melting off, but since it was coming in contact with the Kyuubi's chakra, it healed it just as fast as it melted it.

Iruka screamed; it was a bone chilling scream that Naruto reveled in. The Kyuubi left the other bubble floating there, for future use on Mizuki.

First, he was going to disable the bastard. The Kyuubi shunshined behind Mizuki, not giving off even the slightest bit of chakra to warn him, bit down at the base of the left side Mizuki's neck, and pulled on his left arm.

Eventually, his arm was ripped off at the shoulder, causing an extreme amount of pain. Mizuki screamed, but that was just but a yelp in comparison to the bawling of agony that he emitted when the Kyuubi encased him in the chakra of a Demon.

Over the course of several hours, the two men would die, not from pain, not from blood loss, but from old age.

While mostly improvised, he proved very capable of using them in creative combinations that Iruka just barely survived; Mizuki was able to use Earth Release , which allowed him to hide underground and then stretch his arm from below to strike down his unsuspecting foe, and a combination of a binding illusion and controlling a simple puppet that wielded a sword to finish off a helpless target at a safe distance.

During his training while in prison, he obtained an extreme amount of raw strength, able to quickly pressure Iruka in their initial clash with a single hand.

Also from his time spent in such darkness, Mizuki's eyesight adapted to fighting in darkness and likewise able to seamlessly move about while keeping himself undetected.

Orochimaru granted Mizuki a tattoo which was a formula of a potion to transform one into a musclebound behemoth of himself with tremendous raw speed and strength.

By focusing his chakra, he could further the transformation into a tiger-like being with even greater strength but reduced speed. However, the potion was incomplete and shortly afterwards he was reduced to an emaciated old man.

Although Tsunade managed to save his life, Mizuki lost all of his capacities as a ninja permanently. Main article: Prologue — Land of Waves.

Playing on the youth's desire to graduate, Mizuki duped Naruto Uzumaki into stealing Konoha's Scroll of Seals for him. Originally, Mizuki had the plan set up to have Naruto as a scapegoat and kill him to hide the truth of his deception and secretly leave the village with the scroll in his possession.

However, overhearing Iruka standing up for him, Naruto comes to his teacher's aid and uses the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique he had learned from the scroll to beat Mizuki unconscious for harming Iruka.

Main article: Mizuki Tracking Mission. In the anime, having being imprisoned at the Konoha Strict Correctional Facility and given the prisoner number 99, Mizuki bulked up by the time he stages a prison riot to escape from jail, intending to use the instructions given to him by Orochimaru to create a potion to increase his power and get his revenge on both Naruto and Iruka.

Before that, he visited his lover, Tsubaki , who claimed that Mizuki used to be a sweet man, but that, ever since he got involved with Orochimaru, her relationship with Mizuki had faltered.

After getting a change of clothes and food supply, Mizuki knocked out Tsubaki, whom he apparently did not love any more, when she pleaded him to stop this madness.

Mizuki then confronted Iruka, and after besting him with a new arsenal of techniques, attacked a laboratory belonging to the Nara clan to find the ingredients to the potion.

Upon gaining what he needed, he took the ingredients to a cave with the equipments inside a secret room to brew the potion.

After consuming the potion, Mizuki obtained enhanced strength and power, stripes along his body, and enlarged arms.

Later, as he added extract of a tiger into the potion, Mizuki assumed a tiger-like appearance but decreased his speed as Naruto managed to defeat him with the Rasengan.

By that time, the flawed side effects of the Animal Curse Seal take effect with the defeated Mizuki reduced to a frail old man.

Although his life was saved by Tsunade as she stopped his body from breaking down any further, and even restored his form to before his incarceration, having no information on Orochimaru's whereabouts while being interrogated, Mizuki loses his ability of ninjutsu for what is later revealed to have been a failed experiment of Orochimaru.

Afterwards he was sent back to prison where he presumably spent the rest of his life. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

He blinked in confusion as he pulled out a folded piece of paper. Iruka immediately gave it to her and they all watched as she unfolded it.

Her eyes scanned the letters on the paper before she gasped. Send word to the Village in the Sand - and to Gaara - that we're coming and no one should be around the explosion area so Neji could see what truly happened.

Iruka blinked, his eyebrows furrowing in worry. Shizune blinked before she nodded, running out of the room.

He can rewind time with the Byakugan and see what happened, but he can only rewind it to a certain point. Hopefully, we'll be able to get what happened.

Iruka looked back and forth between Kakashi and the Hokage. Iruka frowned and looked at Kakashi, who was watching with him with a worried gaze.

Iruka sighed deeply, rubbing the side of his neck before he nodded silently. You've done enough for today. Why won't they tell me anything?

His eyes widened as a jolt of pain suddenly ran through him. His heart slammed in his chest and the next thing he heard before everything went black was Kakashi's voice, calling out his name.

Sakura nodded, a frown evident on her face. I wouldn't purposely send him to you knowing he was poisoned! When I healed him, there wasn't ANY traces of poison in his bloodline!

And you know I'm good at sensing that Kakashi stood next to him, his eyes glued on Iruka. They all looked up at him. It seems that someone is targeting Iruka but I also feel like the Hidden Leaf Village is also a target.

She let out a sigh, momentarily closing her eyes. Naruto's eyes narrowed a little. I had this gut feeling it was sent by It all made sense: the ambush Iruka had from the Sound ninja.

The ambush of the Sound ninja, the letter, Iruka's life being spared. Who is this guy?! Kakashi put his hand on Naruto's shoulder, giving him a look to calm down and just think.

Naruto bit his lip, looking over at Iruka then at Tsunade. I think it's mere coincidence that Iruka was on the mission but still, I have a feeling Mizuki knew.

Is it because of the new technique Neji learned? Kakashi nodded. She said he tried it out and it seemed to work.

Now Hinata is learning it as well. Sai looked at him with an eyebrow arched. His eyes closed at the memory of watching her nearly dying in front of him, letting out a deep breathe.

Naruto stopped as he opened the door, turning his head. Sakura gasped at the intense look Naruto had on his face.

Tsunade sighed deeply, shaking her head. Naruto wants to settle things between Mizuki, and knowing him, he'll get angry if you send out a different team.

If you don't end up sending us to Mizuki, he'll most likely go out on his own. He's done so before, hasn't he?

We'll let Team 7 go. Now let's get going already. They all followed her out of the door, except Kakashi. He stood there, staring at Iruka before he walked to the bedside.

I saw you glance your fist when we started talking about Mizuki. Didn't you not want me to know? Kakashi sighed and sat down on the bed.

You and Mizuki were friends. I didn't think it was right of Tsunade to keep it all a secret. Iruka sighed and closed his eyes, reaching up to rub the side of his head.

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