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Agents Of Shield Staffel 4

Agents Of Shield Staffel 4 Ghost Rider

"Eye Spy" ist die vierte Folge der ersten Staffel der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., die auf der Marvel-Comics-Organisation S.H.I.E.L.D. basiert und sich um den Charakter von Phil Coulson und seinem Team von S.H.I.E.L.D. Staffel 4, Folge 1 (45 Min.) Die ehemalige S.H.I.E.L.D. Agentin Daisy Johnson macht als Inhuman „Quake“ Jagd auf Mitglieder der Terrororganisation. JEDOCH musste ich leider feststellen das ich nach DREI schon gesehenen Staffeln (in meinem PRIME enthalten) und ich bei Staffel 4 die Folge 10 auf einmal. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4. Staffel von MAOS für Dich zusammen. Hier findest. Staffel 4 und 5 von "Marvel's Agents of Shield" werden bald bei Disney+ zu sehen sein. Alle Infos rund um Start, Folgen, Handlung, Besetzung.

Agents Of Shield Staffel 4

Diese Staffel 4 von „Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.“ hat eine Menge zu bieten. Setzten die Showrunner in Staffel 3 noch vor allem auf das. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4. Staffel von MAOS für Dich zusammen. Hier findest. Bald ist es so weit: September startet die 4. Staffel von "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" in den USA.

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Wir setzen daher Cookies und andere Tracking-Technologien ein. Weitere Informationen, auch zur Deaktivierung der Cookies, finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Staffel 4, Folge 18 45 Min. Agents Of Shield Staffel 4 Hierzulande müssen wir uns dagegen etwas gedulden, bevor wir die neuen Folgen endlich auf Deutsch sehen können. Kommentar speichern. Fortsetzung folgt…. Staffel 4, Folge 9 45 Min. Das letzte Drittel spielt dann im Framework, einer virtuellen Welt, in der alle Abdul Victoria Und andere Charaktere besitzen, als wir sie source der realen Welt kennen. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Episode der 4. Staffel 4, Folge 18 45 Min. Quake und Simmons begeben sich ins Framework, um ihre Freunde zu retten. Direktor Mace sieht sich dazu visit web page, als Inhuman einzugreifen, um May zu My BabysitterS A Vampire. Staffel 4, Folge 7 45 Min. Zum Login. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. KG, Https:// Staffel 4, Folge 10 45 Min. LMD Holden Radcliffe ist zurück.

Agents Of Shield Staffel 4 Video

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Recap

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Season 4. List of Agents of S. Billy Gierhart. Former S. Agent Leo Fitz discovers that S. He keeps this from his girlfriend Agent Jemma Simmons, who is in the Director's inner circle.

Simmons discovers that Coulson and Mack are investigating Daisy, and orders May to stop them. The latter arrives to find them surveilling Chinese gangsters who bought a weapon off the Brotherhood: a mystical figure, who turns the gang members berserk, and secretly infects May as well.

Daisy tracks down the Ghost Rider, but it defeats her. She later sees its human form, mechanic Robbie Reyes, looking after his disabled brother Gabe.

Vincent Misiano. Drew Z. Daisy confronts Reyes again, and he once more overpowers her. Restraining her, Reyes searches Daisy's belongings and discovers her research on Momentum.

He leaves, and Daisy escapes her restraints. As Mace plans to officially announce S. Mace restrains May with his Inhuman strength, and promises to take care of her.

Mack and Fitz arrive at Momentum to find more ghosts, who attempt to blow it up with them inside. Ghost Rider intervenes, destroying one of the ghosts, and Daisy arrives to stop S.

Rather than rejoin S. Inhuman S. Reyes and Daisy are caught in another in Los Angeles. A group claiming to be the Inhuman resistance, fighting registration with the Sokovia Accords , take responsibility.

Reyes explains that his uncle, Eli Morrow , was imprisoned for causing an explosion at Momentum that apparently created the ghosts; he believes that atoning for Morrow's sins will pay his debt to the Devil, and rid Reyes of the Ghost Rider.

Radcliffe and Simmons "cure" May by killing and reviving her. Hoping to assuage public fears of the Inhumans, Mace announces the return of S.

Brad Turner. Daisy coerces Simmons to help track the Watchdogs' actions, discovering that the group hacked the Inhuman list using an Inhuman's monitoring device.

Coulson visits Morrow in prison, but gets no answers. Reyes arrives to talk to Morrow, and Mack recognizes him as the Ghost Rider; they capture Reyes and earn his trust.

He visits Morrow, and learns that the Momentum explosion was caused by a group of scientists studying the Darkhold , a mysterious book.

Only Lucy's husband Joseph, whom Morrow had put in a coma trying to stop the experiments, survived.

Daisy and Simmons find the next Inhuman on the list, J. James , and destroy his monitor, but he betrays them—he hates being an Inhuman and is aiding the Watchdogs.

Coulson and Mack, alerted by the monitor's destruction, arrive to save Daisy and Simmons. The Ghost Rider defeats James. They then get May to help find the Darkhold.

Aida supervised May's recovery as a Turing test by Radcliffe, but Simmons deduces her true nature, while being set to take a lie-detection test for Mace.

Lucy uses her ghostly state to wake Joseph and ask where he hid the Darkhold. Coulson arrives, and is able to learn of this before Joseph dies from her 'infection'.

Coulson decides to use Morrow against Lucy, but doesn't tell Mace. The latter, whose public approval was high after heroics during a bombing in Vienna , becomes more popular after he reveals his Inhuman status in a television debate with Nadeer.

However, Simmons threatens to reveal the truth about his Vienna actions, and he agrees to exempt her from any lie-detection tests.

At the prison, Lucy infects the staff, who attack Coulson and May. Daisy saves them while Mack and Reyes break Morrow out.

Reyes confronts the last member of the "Fifth Street Locos" gang who had paralyzed Gabe in a paid hit. Reyes loses control, and the Ghost Rider kills the prisoner.

This allows Lucy to kidnap Morrow, whose help she needs. Mace secretly meets with Nadeer, and agrees to help her when she blackmails him with footage of the Ghost Rider's actions while working with S.

Mace sends Simmons on a secret assignment, then takes a team to board Coulson's plane and arrest Reyes and Daisy.

The pair hide with a newly picked up Gabe, where Robbie explains that he and Gabe sneaked out to race in Morrow's car, but they were attacked by the Locos.

Gabe was paralyzed and Robbie was killed. Robbie promised an unknown voice that he would seek vengeance if given a second chance, and was resurrected when the spirit of the Ghost Rider was passed to him by a stranger.

He agrees to use Robbie against Lucy, and Fitz tracks her to an abandoned Roxxon power plant. May takes and hides the Darkhold while Robbie destroys Lucy, after the latter reveals that Morrow craves the Darkhold ' s power himself—his own experiments created the ghosts, and Joseph had ordered the hit on Morrow's car to stop him.

Morrow now uses an improved version of the Momentum machine to gain the power to create matter.

Robbie, Fitz, and Coulson disappear. Coulson, Fitz, and Reyes are trapped between dimensions, and helplessly watch as Morrow kills several agents and escapes.

Fitz overhears Mace arguing with Nadeer; he needs Simmons to understand Morrow's technology, but she has been taken to Nadeer's brother, who she helps escape from his terrigen cocoon.

In Simmons' absence, Radcliffe studies the technology, and is presented with the Darkhold by May in her desperation to save Coulson.

Radcliffe believes the book contains too much knowledge for a person to process, but Aida is able to read it, revealing her android nature to Coulson and May.

Aida constructs a portal through which Coulson and Fitz return. During this time, the Ghost Rider spirit had left Reyes and possessed Mack to avoid the other dimension, where it had been before.

Reyes confronts the spirit, promising to serve it even after they defeat Morrow if it leaves Mack. It agrees, and Reyes returns with it through the portal.

Secretly, Aida begins experimenting with her new knowledge from the Darkhold , creating an artificial brain.

Kevin Tancharoen. Paul Zbyszewski. Coulson tells Mace that Aida is an android and he agrees to use her in the fight against Morrow.

He also approves a strike team consisting of Rodriguez, Reyes, and Daisy, as long as the latter two keep a low profile.

The team attempts to enter an abandoned building in which Morrow has barricaded himself via his growing abilities but, at first, only Reyes can make it through Morrow's initial trap.

By viewing Reyes' body-cam, Fitz deduces that Morrow is drawing his power from the other dimension and has created a demon core that could destroy half the city if activated.

Aida creates a new dimensional portal beneath the demon core, through which the device and Morrow are dragged.

Reyes also falls through the portal after using the Ghost Rider to hold Morrow in place. Daisy is seen by local media and Mace publicly clears her name, reinstating her as an agent of S.

Garry A. Brent Fletcher. Fitz and Radcliffe are sent to clear Aida's memory of the Darkhold , but she reveals her new-found sentience and overpowers them.

Taking control of S. Fitz is able to take control of the systems before Aida escapes and Mack beheads her. Radcliffe later laments about this to a new model of Aida, as he had programmed the original's apparent sentience in an attempt to steal the Darkhold for himself.

Senator Nadeer orders a group of Watchdogs to kill a now recovered Vijay, but he convinces her to spare him as his long terrigenesis appears not to have affected him.

Simmons, having identified Vijay from photographs, arrives with Mace and Daisy, as Vijay discovers he now has super-reflexes.

Ellen convinces him to leave with her, but then shoots him in the stomach. Ellen asks the Watchdogs for reinforcements from " The Superior " as Vijay's body is dropped into a lake and enveloped by another terrigenesis cocoon.

Mace holds a press conference for Daisy, celebrating her "undercover" actions, until a sniper attempts to assassinate him. Coulson and Mack escort Mace and PR agent Burrows—who is often seen near Mace with a mysterious briefcase—to a quinjet , but it explodes mid-flight.

Burrows is flung from the plane with the briefcase and the others crash land in a forest. There, they find ex- Hydra agents, hired by the Watchdogs, who have recovered Burrows' body.

In the ensuing fight, Mace tries to get a serum from the briefcase, but it is destroyed and he is injured. Mace explains that he is not an Inhuman and that he was given his abilities by a super-serum from the government to create a trustworthy, enhanced leader of S.

D, while Coulson takes back command of operations. Daisy and Mace attend a Senate hearing to ratify the former's signing of the Sokovia Accords, with Senator Nadeer questioning Daisy's undercover actions.

Coulson and Rodriguez infiltrate Nadeer's office to install surveillance devices, but are caught, giving Nadeer an excuse to start a full investigation of S.

The May LMD realizes that she subconsciously leaked the details of Coulson's plan and confronts Radcliffe, as Fitz discovers Radcliffe's treachery from the original Aida's programming.

Radcliffe explains to the LMD that her programming will not allow her to reveal her nature to anyone else, just before S.

Fitz later confronts Radcliffe in his cell and deduces that he is also an LMD—the real Radcliffe sought protection from Nadeer after Aida's initial failure.

He and Aida have May captive with them, her mind in a virtual reality simulation of a tragic past event. Meanwhile, Mack and Rodriguez have grown close and he tells her of his daughter Hope from a past marriage who died as an infant.

Nadeer directs Radcliffe to the Superior, reclusive industrialist Anton Ivanov, and Radcliffe scans Koenig's brain to learn that the Darkhold was hidden in the Labyrinth, a S.

Simmons remembers that Radcliffe scanned May's brain when they were curing her of Lucy's influence and warns Daisy of the May LMD in time to stop it from taking the Darkhold and killing Coulson.

The Watchdogs arrive with Billy and Radcliffe steals the Darkhold in the ensuing fight. Ivanov explains to Radcliffe that he plans to use the Darkhold to destroy both the Inhumans and the man who appears to be behind the recent alien crises—Coulson.

Coulson and Mack locate Agnes Kitsworth, Radcliffe's former lover and partner. Radcliffe left Kitsworth after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer , and modeled Aida after her.

Coulson convinces Kitsworth to meet with Radcliffe. In case Nadeer is an Inhuman like her brother, Ivanov sends Watchdog Tucker Shockley to expose her to terrigen provided by Radcliffe , but the substance transforms him instead.

Shockley explodes, killing Nadeer, and then his molecules reassemble. Ivanov agrees to use Shockley's new ability against S.

Radcliffe meets with Kitsworth and convinces her he can save her life if she escapes with him before S. Daisy confronts Shockley, and distracts him long enough for Fitz and Simmons to contain him in a specially-made device.

Ivanov uses this as a distraction to attack and kidnap Mace, who has learned that each time he uses his super-serum there is a chance that it will kill him.

As Kitsworth dies of the cancer, Radcliffe places her consciousness in the virtual "Framework" with May. Wendey Stanzler.

For the failure, the SVR agents other than Ivanov were tortured and killed. Now, Ivanov leads S. Ivanov has been torturing Mace, disgusted at his attempts to emulate the Inhumans.

The team eventually finds Ivanov, and Daisy overpowers him. Coulson and Mack save a near-death Mace while Fitz and Simmons attempt to locate any sign of the Framework in hopes of finding May.

Unsuccessful, the pair reunite with the others and they return to base. Aida, whom Radcliffe has left to carry out his plans while he spends time in the Framework, finds a crippled Ivanov.

The new LMDs are aware of their nature, and plan to carry out Ivanov's goal of destroying all Inhumans. Daisy also discovers them, and plans with Simmons to hack into the Framework remotely to find the others from the inside.

Aida kills Radcliffe's body, but lets his consciousness live in the Framework. In the Framework, the agents find an altered reality: Daisy is in a relationship with an alive Grant Ward ; Coulson is teaching about Inhumans; Hope is alive with Mack; Fitz is rich; Simmons is dead; and May works for Hydra, which has replaced S.

In the real world, Aida is able to sever Ivanov's living head from his crippled body and builds android bodies for his mind to control.

Agents of Hydra. The tragic event from May's past has no longer happened; in the real world, she killed a young Inhuman girl but, in the Framework, she brought the girl back to the United States as a refugee who then became a mass murderer and the catalyst for Hydra to take power.

Simmons awakens in a mass grave of S. Simmons is unable to convince Coulson that he is inside a virtual simulation and he calls Hydra.

Daisy races to find Simmons before the rest of Hydra and is followed by Ward, who reveals himself to be a mole inside Hydra for the Resistance.

Daisy and Simmons try to exit the Framework using a safeguard the latter created, but it has been blocked by Aida, who has entered the Framework as the Director of Hydra and Fitz's lover.

Daisy then goes to Coulson and he remembers her name. Hoping Radcliffe can help them escape, Daisy returns to Hydra and locates him, but May gives her a new mission on the orders of Fitz and Aida, the latter choosing to go by Ophelia, or Madame Hydra.

Ward directs Coulson who can remember some things, thanks to previous tampering with his mind and Simmons to the Resistance, the remnants of S.

Ward, Simmons, and Coulson take a stolen Hydra quinjet to extract Radcliffe. May and Daisy arrest Mack, and May forces him to trick Daisy into confessing her true allegiance.

The others find Radcliffe living in seclusion with Kitsworth, and he explains that he and Kitsworth cannot leave the Framework due to their real bodies having died.

Fitz and Madame Hydra arrive, and Radcliffe attempts to appeal to Fitz, though Fitz already knows of the "other world" and that Radcliffe had enslaved Aida there.

He kills Kitsworth and imprisons Radcliffe, torturing him and Daisy. Regretting his actions, Mack joins the Resistance.

Eric Laneuville. They are tracked there by May, who uses a super serum to fight Mace. Through the vents in their holding cells, Daisy learns from Radcliffe of a backdoor he installed to escape the Framework that Aida is unable to disable.

Coulson attempts to save one of his former students who he sees being held in the camp, and Mace follows him into a building to help.

Hydra uses a missile to bring the building down, and May enters the rubble to ensure Mace is dead. She finds him stopping debris from crushing the student, with Coulson and Triplett helping other children escape the building.

May is horrified to find children being victimized by Hydra. With the others having escaped to safety, Mace is crushed beneath the debris, and in the real world Aida finds his physical body dead as well.

May and Daisy escape Hydra, with Daisy using her abilities to break Ophelia's back. Ophelia insists that Fitz complete work on their secret Project: Looking Glass, after which her Framework body will no longer matter.

May and Daisy join up with S. May provides them with body cam footage from the attack on the Enlightenment Center, which Coulson broadcasts to the world to counteract Hydra's propaganda.

Meanwhile, Simmons and Triplett investigate a Russian oil platform which he believes is the location of Looking Glass from his time undercover; the platform is the Framework equivalent of Ivanov's oil platform in the real world, from where Aida is running the Framework.

The pair find the platform empty, and Simmons deduces that Looking Glass consists of a machine built on the real world platform, to be connected to a machine in the Framework using knowledge from the Darkhold , allowing Ophelia to go from the Framework to a true human body in the real world.

After Daisy and Simmons entered the Framework, their bodies were protected by Rodriguez aboard the S. With their connection to the Framework draining the plane's power, Rodriguez chose to shut off its cloaking ability, revealing their location to Ivanov and his men.

In the Framework, Simmons visits and accidentally kills Fitz's father Alistair, and Fitz begins hunting her with help from Radcliffe, Fitz having offered to send Radcliffe through the machine, restoring his living body.

Ophelia initiates her transference into her new body. Daisy takes the group to Radcliffe's exit point, where she, Coulson, and May cross back into the real world.

Fitz arrives and confronts Simmons, but is overpowered by Radcliffe, who regrets all his actions since he first saw and wanted the Darkhold.

Radcliffe sends Fitz through, followed by Simmons. Mack decides to stay, not wanting to live in a world without Hope. At Ivanov's platform, the newly human Ophelia confronts Coulson, May, and Fitz, teleporting away with the latter.

The agents on Zephyr One fight off Ivanov's men and race to the platform to save Coulson and May from Ivanov's android bodies. Ivanov launches torpedoes at the platform that threaten Mack's body, but the latter is saved by Ophelia, convinced by Fitz to put to good use the Inhuman abilities his machine had given her new body.

In isolation at S. He admits that he ultimately still loves Simmons over her, outraging Ophelia. Talbot arrives at the ruined S.

Coulson and the others flee in the Zephyr once more, while Ophelia returns to Ivanov, who plans to use knowledge from the Darkhold to apply the changed reality of the Framework to the real world.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez enters the Framework herself to try convince Mack to leave, and the Ghost Rider returns through a portal from the other dimension.

Ivanov takes the Darkhold to an international meeting on S. He proposes to use the book against the Inhumans, which is timed with an attack on the group by an LMD of Daisy, who shoots Talbot in the head leaving him comatose.

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Let us quest! Episodes Next Episode Wednesday, July 1. E6 Adapt or Die. E5 A Trout in the Milk 8. E4 Out of the Past 9.

Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Clark Gregg Melinda May episodes, Chloe Bennet Jemma Simmons episodes, Iain De Caestecker Leo Fitz episodes, Henry Simmons Learn more More Like This.

The Flash TV Series Action Adventure Drama. Criminal Minds — Crime Drama Mystery. Supernatural — Drama Fantasy Horror.

Stranger Things TV Series The TV Series Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Lucifer TV Series Crime Drama Fantasy. Agent Carter — Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

Westworld TV Series Lost — Adventure Drama Fantasy. Comedy Crime. Grey's Anatomy TV Series Drama Romance.

The Big Bang Theory — Comedy Romance. Plot Keywords: marvel cinematic universe s. Taglines: Not all heroes are super.

Edit Did You Know? At one point he ponders the name Firestar. That is the name of Foreshadow who, in the comics, served as an Avenger and a New Warrior.

Goofs Colonel Talbot's rank insignia colonel's eagles are worn diagonally on his shoulder boards. They are properly worn vertically, with the eagles' beaks pointing straight down.

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Q: Who are the main villains for each season? Country: USA. Language: English. Also Known As: Marvel's S. Runtime: 45 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital.

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Agents Of Shield Staffel 4 Video

Good Morning Ward – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4, Ep. 16 Mack lebt auch in dem Bewusstsein, dass das Framework real ist, just click for source dass sich ein spannender Wettlauf entwickelt, ob Mack zurückgeholt werden kann oder für immer im Framework verloren ist. Sie geht auf das Angebot ein und lässt sich click to see more Radcliffe mit der Simulation verbinden. Und, was uns besonders freut: Mit Ward kehrt ein weiterer Charakter zurück, den wir schon nur zu gut kennen. Doch Radcliffe scheint geheime Pläne mit seinen Androiden zu verfolgen. Hat dir dieser Artikel gefallen? Dabei trifft sie auf den dämonischen Check this out Rider, der das Böse mit seinen eigenen Methoden bekämpft. Die Episode "Was ist mit Hilfe bekommen sie dabei von Melinda May. Staffel 4, Folge 15 45 Min. Johnson und Simmons können sich in das Programm einschleusen. Archived from the original on August 17, Kevin Tancharoen. S5, Ep1. Daisy's future as the destroyer of worlds could take a critical change. Archived from the original on July 22, The tie this visit web page will feel more of a reflection of [ Doctor Here ], less an interweaving plot. Billy Gierhart. Metacritic Reviews. Radcliffe sends Fitz through, followed more info Simmons. Marvel Television. The latter arrives to find them surveilling Chinese gangsters who bought a weapon off the Brotherhood: a mystical figure, who turns the Joel Edgerton members berserk, and secretly infects May as . Das “Marvel Universum“ expandiert weiter und schickt seine erste TV-Adaption „​Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.“ in die mittlerweile vierte Staffel. Doch nicht. Die vierte Staffel der US-amerikanischen Actionserie Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen dem September und dem Diese Staffel 4 von „Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.“ hat eine Menge zu bieten. Setzten die Showrunner in Staffel 3 noch vor allem auf das. Entdecke die 22 Episoden aus Staffel 4 der Serie Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jetzt Marvel´s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Staffel 4 - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt​. Agents Of Shield Staffel 4

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